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Established in the year 2009, Department of Management Studies, Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Technology (GNIET) Nagpur is one of the oldest institutions offering Management Programmes in Nagpur at point of time. A full-fledged department offering MBA Programme under the faculty of Management.

The Department of Management Studies has been able to recruit and retain some of the best available Faculty talents in the region and is a strong base upon which all the institutes initiatives are driven. The Department of Management Studies is one amongst the oldest department established in the Nagpur region and has been on a continuous growth trajectory. The Department of Management Studies has been able to create an academically rigorous environment and its programmes are considered as one with greater emphasis on development of specific skills amongst the students. The Department of Management Studies has built up a stronger linkage with the industry and its standing amongst the recruiters and employers has gained a lot of ground over the years. The opportunities for Live Projects, Internships and Final Placements can also be developed, derived and delivered to the student body. The Department of Management Studies has 60 intake capacity and is affiliated to RTM Nagpur University. The Department has consistently produced university rank holders .The Department of Management Studies is also known in the region for its delivery of high quality and rigorous academic training.


To be recognize as a provider of learning environment that nurture infinite potential of individual to be future professional managers who are rooted in ethics and driven by environment and social consciousness.

HOD's message

At Gurunanak Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur we aim to obtain a holistic perspective through dynamic learning model and practical experience in MBA programme. The focus is on theoretical and practical learning that takes place in a true multidisciplinary environment that deepens connection between domains and promote overall learning. We integrate interdiscipinary aspects of management principles in providing practical solution framework to real world problems and work efficiently in modern business and non business organizations. We exhibit a broad appreciation of the ethical and value underpinnings of managerial choices in political, cross culture, globalized, digitized, socio economic environment and the immediate long term impact of such managerial choices on business and society. We also undertake lifelong learning to gain multidisilinary knowledge through self study, experimental learning, through the adoption of varied conventional and non conventional traditional and digital modes of learning. We aim to achieve and sustain excellence in teaching and enrich local, national and international communities through our research. A two year full time MBA program will help the students for new approach of addressing the challenges of the next generation professionals with excellent communication skills, strong analytical abilities with aim to develop our students into ready to work professionals. I wish a warm welcome the new students and hope that their years in this college will be fruitful and knowlegeble.

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Dr. Jonathan Joseph


To be recognised as a provider of learning environmental nurtures infinite potential of individuals to be future professional managers who are rooted in ethics & driven by environmental & social consciousness.


To nuture young individuals into knowledge & ethical professionals in thier pursuit of business management studies.

To nuture the faculty, students & expose them to world-class management practices.

To create an environmenrt of intelllactual vibrancy & harnessing the best research & Manageent practices.

The deartment endeavours to develop students into a nw generatin of leaders who possedd love for values, ethics, truth, crtical intelligence to pursue it, & eloquence to articulate it.

Program Educational Objectives


Apply conceptual business foundations to solve practical decision making problems both individually & as part of team using techniques such as Case analysis, projects & assignments


Develop a symmetirc understanding of globalization & its impavct on people, business and the economy.


Demonstrate a critical awareness of current isseues (e.g. diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management etc) in business and management which is informed by leading edged reserach and practice in the field


Function effectively on multidiciplinary terms(team work)


Analysis a problem, identify, formulate and use the appropriate managerial skills for obtaining its solutions


Recognised and address ethical issues and values and apply them in organisational settings.


An understading of professional, ethical, legal, financial, marketing, sales, logistical security and social issues and responsibilities (proffessional integrity)


Use information and knowledge effectively sacnning and organising data, synthesizing and analysing in order to abstract meaning from information and to share knowledge


A knowledge of contemporary issues ( social awareness).


An ability to use current techniques , skills and tools necessary for managerial practice (practical managerial anlaysis skills)


An integrated knowledge of and demostrated ability to perform as management professionals and will be prepared for continued learning throughout there career. Recognition of need for and an ability to engage in continuing professional development and lifelong learning (continuing education awareness).


An ablility to recognise the importance of professional development by pursuing post graduate studies or face competative examination that offer challanging and rewarding careers in management (successful career and immediate employment).


Communicate effectively both in oral and writing(speaking and writing skills)


Prof. Pravin Bhise

Assistant Professor

Prof. Jaspal Gidwani

Assistant Professor

Prof. Rajendra Katole

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sajid Ansari

Assistant Professor

Prof. Pallavi Chaple

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vinita Dighorikar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shweta Wasnik

Assistant Professor
Career prospect

Why Business Administration?
A bachelor's degree in business administration can be an effective first step in launching a career in business. Business Administration can lead to many possibilities. In general, a bachelor’s degree in business helps you learn the foundational knowledge of business. With this information, you can then narrow down your career search to the types of companies or trades that appeal most to you. A business administration program can help you develop these skills. Not only do you learn the fundamentals of business including finance, operations, human resources, marketing, and management, but you learn how to lead and motivate people, communicate effectively, and think critically.

Career Paths
Account Executive
Jobs for account executives are available from graduate entry level through to senior management. It's a sales role where you may: work to find new customers, manage existing accounts to ensure repeat business, and strive to increase spending from the company's client base. Career progression comes from moving towards bigger accounts, higher value products, or strategy and leadership positions. MBA holders are valued for being clever, good communicators, and success (in this case, "sales") orientated.
Job titles: account director, account executive, account manager, alliances manager, business relationship manager, customer success manager, major account executive, sales executive, sales manager, senior account director.

Business Consultant
Holding an MBA degree is extremely valuable in the world of consulting where appearances count. An MBA demonstrates ability and expertise. It helps you attract new business and quickly gain the confidence of clients. With an MBA, you are qualified to consult in business administration, development and management. Plus you can claim expertise in any subject that you've specialised in at university or professionally.
Job titles: advisory and innovation consultant, business development consultant, client energy manager, digital transformation consultant, international marketing consultant, managing consultant (digital business strategy), senior consultant (financial management), senior risk consultant, senior value engineer (software).

Business Development Manager
Business development managers are strategists, networkers and marketers. Their job is to grow companies, mainly by identifying and capturing new revenue opportunities. They may find new customers, tap into new markets, or improve a company's digital presence or marketing of products. It's a role where you want people to listen to what you have to say. An MBA program allows you to develop business strategy skills and add a highly regarded qualification to your CV or resume.
Job titles: business development consultant, business development executive, business development manager, director of business development, sales development executive, strategic partnerships, strategic programs lead.

People sometimes debate whether getting an MBA helps you to be an entrepreneur. If you've just invented a new technology with worldwide application or a gadget that will change housework forever, maybe don't bother with formal study. But, otherwise, an MBA may be a good idea. Being an effective entrepreneur requires some serious business skills. You can pick these up with an MBA, especially if the course is geared towards entrepreneurship. Plus, having an MBA helps you win the belief and confidence of prospective investors and business partners.
Job titles: business owner, company co-founder, company director, company founder, company owner, entrepreneur, I run a ... business, serial entrepreneur.

Finance Manager
Understanding accounting and numbers is one of the requirements to be a finance manager. But another is to use financial insight to guide business spending and investment decisions. For that reason, an MBA can often be better value than a Master of Finance or similar. A financial expert with an MBA is someone people are inclined to trust with strategic financial management.
Job titles: commercial finance manager, corporate services manager, executive finance manager, finance consultant, finance director, finance manager, group finance manager, project finance partner, regional finance manager.

General Manager
The term "general manager" is typically applied to people senior enough to be managing managers. Competitions for GM positions is high because the tasks are, indeed, general: such as supervising, managing and leading people. Management and leadership are also core subjects in Master of Business Administration programs. Online MBA programs are usually adapted to suit busy senior managers such as general managers. With an MBA to your name, employers know you've learned management principles and are committed to a career in the field.
Job titles: general manager, general manager of finance and administration, general manager operations, general manager people and culture.

Industry Specialist Manager
Many professionals reach a point in their career when their best prospects for a promotion or higher salary are on the management rather than technical side of the industry. In these situations, an MBA can be invaluable for demonstrating management skills and winning management roles. It's a similar situation if you want to shift into consulting. Here, an MBA builds your business administration skills and provides a credential that gets noticed by prospective clients.
Job titles: construction manager, engineering manager, health services administrator, IT consultant, IT project manager.

Marketing Manager
Moving into marketing management is a natural career progression for marketing specialists. As you mature, your experience and knowledge can be better deployed in planning and oversight of marketing (instead of doing specific campaign jobs). MBA graduates are advantaged because the degree indicates you're capable of planning, budgeting and leading. Marketing is also a core study topic in most MBA programs.
Job titles: campaign manager, commercial sales manager, digital marketing manager, marketing director, marketing manager, marketing operations director, senior marketing manager.

Operations Manager
Operations managers oversee the "doing" of business activities. They may look after a manufacturing process, the delivery of a service, or a facility such as a theme park. An MBA allows you to transition from helping run operations to taking a lead role. As well, it means you have transferable skills (such as business strategy and managing teams) needed in any operations role.
Job titles: manager customer delivery, manager operations, operations manager, production team manager, regional operations manager, transport operations manager, warehouse manager.

Product Manager
When employers hire a product manager, they are usually looking for someone who is good at everything. Having an MBA can be a big advantage. A product manager optimises profits by ensuring: high production standards, cost effectiveness, and that the product meets customer needs and is well marketed. Good business skills and an ability to work with different people, from company executives to production workers, are normal job requirements.
Job titles: assistant product manager (graduate position), brand manager, clinical product manager, global product manager, product manager, product manager asset management, senior product manager.

Program Manager
A program manager is responsible for a specific activity that may have a separate budget and is different from other aspects of the business. Because programs vary in character and can be unique, a program manager needs to be adaptable. MBA holders are favoured for program management jobs because they have a broad skill set that includes team management and business administration. An MBA can be a real career booster because it qualifies you for any job that doesn't require industry-specific technical skills.
Job titles: business program manager, digital program manager, head of services and programs, principal program manager, program manager, program operations manager.

Sales Manager
To be a good sales manager, you need to have the knack of selling. That way, you can coach and mentor your team towards higher sales volumes. But an MBA is another valuable asset. Especially with more senior positions, being a sales manager requires you to have skills in financial management, strategic planning and resource allocation. An MBA teaches those skills and gives you a competitive advantage in recruitment processes.
Job titles: account executive, director of sales and marketing, national sales manager, regional sales manager, retail manager, sales director, sales executive, sales manager.