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Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Technology (GNIET), established in the year 2007 is affiliated to Rashtrasant Tukodoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur. GNIET attracts students from all over India because of its highly equipped campus, emphasis on practical training, self learning & discipline. The staff at GNIET is dedicated and efficient and ensures steady involvement of its students through constant, formal & informal interactions which has enabled the institute to get ISO Certification. The institute is enriched with well qualified and experienced teachers in addition to knowledgeable and expert visiting professors. Apart from standing out in academics, GNIET regularly organizes co-curricular & extra-curricular activities to impart necessary training through guest lectures, project model exhibition, competitions, seminars, workshops, short term courses, sports and games.


To become a world class, globally competitive and flexible technical and management institution, responsive to the growth of an individual, society, and the institute itself satisfying the developmental needs of the people of Maharashtra and India.


To educate students from all over India & other countries including especially those from the local & rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals improving the living standards of their families, industries & the society.

To serve as a centre for fostering the co-operation and the exchange of ideas between the academicians and the research community on one hand and welcome the industrial community and the Government organizations to promote the entrepreneurship development among the students.

We will provide the world class quality education & pay serious attention towards the development of an individual for character building & the nation building.

To implement a program of education in Engineering Technology and management studies, relevant to the current needs of the industry, alive to the long term requirements and responsive to the anticipated changes and developments.

Our Inspiration

The Promoter of Guru Nanak Institutions is actively involved in the management of various education institutions. Working with a missionary zeal for the cause of education, he is a visionary with rich experience in the field of academics and industry. His dreams of establishing world class institution took shape in the form of Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Technology (GNIET), Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (GNIT) & Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Studies (GNIHM) in Nagpur.

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Sardar Tavindar Singh Kohli

Our Visionary

Sardar Navneet Singh Tuli, Chairman Guru Nanak Institutions & Guru Nanak Education Society, has always demonstrated how a focused perseverance can leave an impression on whatever endeavor is undertaken. He is indeed multi-faceted personality with incredible success. And fame in field of education, business, politics, religious and social work. His commitment, planning, drive and zeal to excel are the motivating force for the present development of GNIET, GNIT & GNIHM. He is also the President of Guru Nanak Bahu-Uddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha, Guru Nanak Shikshan Sansthan, HUM Foundation & Lt. Smt. Tejinder Kaur Tuli Memorable & Charitable Trust Nagpur. Under his inspiring leadership, GNI Nagpur has achieved several milestones and aims to be one of the comprehensive groups of institutions in India.

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Sardar Navneet Singh Tuli
Chairman, GNI & GNES

Our Motivation

Sardarni Tanpreet Kaur Tuli, Secretary, GNI & GNES is charismatic and the vibrant motivating force behind the growth of the three institutes, Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Technology (GNIET), Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (GNIT) & Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Studies (GNIHM) at Dahegaon, Nagpur. She is the energy personified whose sustained efforts have been responsible For the development of these Engineering colleges and other institutions run by the Guru Nanak Educational Society. She believes that education is the fundamental requirement for the complete development of individuals and strives for academic excellence and versatility in a way that meet the ever increasing needs of the stakeholders.

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Sardarni Tanpreet Kaur Tuli
Secretary, GNI & GNES

Our Trustee

By joining GNES, you are embarking on an education system that is meant to be transformative academically, socially, and personally. "Excellence and Values" are our guiding principles which are reflected in every activity of the Institute. Our vision clarifies those values and standards and we expect you to honor them in your conduct as a student in the College.

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Shri Hiren Patel
Trustee - GNES

Our Trustee

We at GNI believe in continuous and holistic education. Students from varied backgrounds are integrated in the societal mainstream and are empowered with lifelong skill and knowledge. For years GNI has been educating young men and women who entered its community and attained their transformation into responsible citizen and leaders of various corporate. We continue to bring the cutting edge technology and a research aptitude to our multidisciplinary academic programs ranging from engineering, Management and hospitality. We believe in the true potential of the youth of our country and nurturing these young minds will create wonders.

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Sardar Rabjyot Singh Tuli
Trustee - GNES

Our Director

Every profession demands pioneering, dynamic, knowledgeable, adaptive, sincere and committed professionals. Each and every industry and profession requires these human assets in it’s corporation. In my view, to become employable or a successful person, there are some basic demands that are required to be professional such as setting and scheduling goals, preparing the task diligently by managing time and stress, thinking critically, developing self discipline and motivating oneself. We at GNI, are devoted to induce these qualities in our students. Our team at GNI is committed to provide quality education through well defined academic planning, monitoring and controlling which include active classroom participation, enhancing latest trend and technology, importing knowledge by providing practical training along with the Indian value system. I believe joint effort of student and staff member will lead the atmosphere of GNI towards the best of the academics and achievement in our life.

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Dr. Sudhir Shelke
Director GNI & GNES

Our Director

We understand the importance of student’s involvement in their college activities for greater academic achievement. GNI offers a number of opportunities for students to get involved outside of the classroom through sports, clubs and community service. We would expect that you venture beyond your “comfort zones" both inside and outside the classroom. Take maximum advantage or these facilities, participate fully and evolve into a brand yourself, Once again, welcome to the GNES Family and welcome to our community of shared principles and values. Looking forward to welcome you to the Institute.

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Prof. Kunal Padole
Director GNI & GNES

Principal's Message

The aim of Engineering Education is to create a pool of Engineering Talent contributing to the Prosperity and Security of the Nation! So far in India, the emphasis has been more on general education, with technical and vocational education at the back seat. And this has resulted in large number of educated people remaining unemployed. But now for the economic development and to ensure a place for India in the community of prosperous Nations, technical education has been given its due importance. Besides this, in this age of unemployment, only technical education can assure one of a job and a comfortable living. Those who are still in the conventional institutions, passing examination that have little relevance in the modern systems, find no opportunities of employment. It can be foreseen that in coming days, Technical and Vocational education will play a major role in bringing our Honorable Prime Minister's dream come true!! We, at GNIET open heartedly invite and welcome the aspiring Engineers to join us; we shall help you in becoming a quality Engineer and Be Partner in the Transformation of the Nation! Improve quality of your own life and help in improving quality of life of the people of India.

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Dr. Hemant Hajare
Principal G.N.I.E.T
(B.E, M.E, Ph.D-Civil Engg)

Vice-Principal's Message

At GNIET, we provide quality education which enables our students to face challenges at global level. Our systematic approach in classroom, laboratory-teaching and unique teaching learning process enhances comfort level of students in understanding. We have Wi-Fi campus and all the laboratories are well equipped. Our library is enriched with large number of books, international journals and magazines. Expert/Guest Lectures by professionals are regularly organized to bridge the gap between structured curriculum and current industry needs. Additional training is provided to students to develop their interpersonal skills and soft skills to enhance their employability potential. Institute is also successfully running Teacher-Guardian Scheme for overall development of students. Our faculty member are highly motivated, experienced and are encouraged for higher education, research and consultancy.

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Prof. Rajendra Bhombe
Vice-Principal G.N.I.E.T
(B.E., M.Tech.-Electrical Engg)
Objectives Of The Institution

An excellent academic atmosphere to enable students to acquire a broad engineering background to meet

An opportunity to help them to acquire all-round development and to inculcate sympathetic attitude to the needy and to the underprivileged.

A Research and Development Centre (RDC) for advanced studies in specialized areas of management, science, engineering and technology

Continuing Education Programmes (CEP) by conducting refresher and short terms courses in current technology for practicing engineers.

A Technological and Management Consultancy Centre

A computer centre to develop software and serve the industries and other agencies in-and-around Chennai.


University Grants Commission


All India Council for Technical Education


Directorate of Technical Education


Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University